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High Risk Merchant Accounts for Bail Bond Companies

The history of bail dates back to British law, which the United States adopted and has revised numerous times.  In its infancy, the U.S., found it easier to adopt the laws of the United Kingdom while setting up the first settlements in America.  This gave the colonists something to work with as a new democracy was underway.

Long before credit cards existed people would use cash or gold as their collateral for bail.  Flash-forward to today - if you are in the business of bail bonds and are looking to process credit cards you may find it difficult.  Local banks often do not want to take on the risk associated with the accounts.  Sometimes fraudulent credit cards are used to get people out on bail, which is why traditional institutions will shy away from these merchant accounts.

Often times a bail bondsman will need a high-risk merchant account to satisfy their credit card processing needs.  Limitless Payment Solutions has been working in the bail bond industry for over 10 years and will help you get approved with the correct high risk processor.  In some cases we can even get you approved on a lower risk platform and avoid the high-risk account altogether.

If you need a reliable credit card merchant account for your bail bonds business, look no further!  Limitless is always here to help with your high-risk credit card processing needs (24/7 365 days a year).  We are 100% committed to getting our customers approved quickly and easily.  So give us a call us at (800) 971-6221 or use the easy apply now form on this page to get started today!











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