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The Best Online Cigar Store High Risk Merchant Accounts Available

Look no further – it has never been easier to get approved for a high risk merchant account for selling cigars online!  Limitless has many banks that will process your business, there are just a few things you need to know - and if you call us right now at (516) 384-6655, we can navigate you through the process of getting an online cigar shop credit card processing account approved quickly and easily.  You can also fill out our easy apply now on this page to get started.

What many do not understand is that an online cigar sales business does not have to be high risk.  Limitless has banks that will not hold a reserve and not classify your business as a high risk processor.  Use our knowledge and connections in the industry to set up your online cigar store merchant account now!

There are still some hoops that online cigar shops must go through to get approved online, such as obtaining a letter from an attorney stating that you will not sell tobacco on the site – only cigars. We will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure you are legally set up the correct way.  A few extra forms are all it takes, and Limitless has provided service to countless online cigar merchants who are successfully processing today.

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