Payment Processing for High-Risk Merchants

Have you lost business because your credit card processor shut you down? Have you been denied service because your business is  labeled high-risk?

At Limitless Payment Solutions, our top priority is helping your high-risk business by connecting them with reliable merchant  accounts. This gives you peace of mind that your business will stay up and running.

  • 24/7 U.S. Based Custom Service
  • $0 Set-up Fees
  • No Minimum Credit Score
  • Fast Funding
  • 99% Account Approval Rate
  • Chargeback Protection Programs

In a world where business risk is inevitable, stability is your biggest advantage.

At Limitless Payment Solutions, we specialize in working with high-risk merchants to ensure they have reliable payment processing.

We work with high-risk businesses and businesses with poor credit to establish a high-risk merchant account that won’t unexpectedly shut down.

Why Choose Limitless Payment Solutions for your High Risk Merchant Account?


$0 Set-Up Fees

Start with us, not with fees


A Partner in Your Success

Available 24/7, Limitless Payment Solutions works tirelessly to help your High Risk business payment processing problems solved in a New York Minute.


99% Approval Rate

Limitless Payment Solutions’ vast network of different processors helps ensure we find you the perfect fit for your high risk business account.


Reliable Merchant Accounts

Rest assured that your online business won’t be suddenly shut down or taken offline.


Fewer Chargebacks

Rapid dispute resolution mitigates chargeback risks, effectively protecting your business’s health.


Fraud Protection

Protect your investment and customers with Limitless Payment Solutions’ fraud protection technology.

Customized Payment Processing Solutions for High-Risk Industries

Are you worried that your business’s payment processor will shut you down?

No matter your sector—be it eCommerce, tech support, subscription services, or beyond—we have tailor-made solutions to meet your unique challenges.

Limitless Payment Solutions is your ally, empowering you to operate confidently in high-risk environment

Secure your merchant account with Limitless Payment Solutions and take the first step towards a more stable, profitable future.

Reduce Chargebacks By 80%

Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) allows businesses in higher-risk sectors to have a powerful tool to mitigate chargeback risks effectively.

Using advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, RDR analyzes real-time transaction data, identifies potential chargeback triggers, and takes preemptive action to prevent chargebacks, resulting in 80% fewer chargebacks.


Reasons Why Businesses Are Considered High Risk

Industry Type

Industries with a history of higher chargebacks or potential for fraud are often classified as“high risk.”

From web hosting to travel, nutraceuticals to collections, and everything in between – if your business has been classified as a high-risk merchant account, let Limitless Payment Solutions help you get approved quickly.


Some business models just naturally have a higher chargeback ratio than are generally accepted by traditional banks.

For a more detailed explanation of why your specific industry type falls under the high-risk category, please call Limitless right now. We will analyze and clearly explain the reasons—and best of all, we will offer you a solution!

The “high risk” guidelines vary from processor to processor. Limitless has the knowledge and experience to ensure that you match that processor correctly.

About Limitless Payment Solutions

With nearly 20 years of experience in the credit card processing industry, Limitless Payment Solutions has provided holistic financial and business services for high-risk industries. We care about your business’s success and keep your business’s best interest at the center of everything we do.

Because of our experience and relationships with major credit card processors, Limitless Payment Solutions can find you the fastest approvals or lowest rates. At the same time, you get to focus on your high risk business.


Work with an Experienced High-Risk Payment Processor

Does your high-risk business need additional processing capabilities beyond what you have now?

If your business needs a second high-risk merchant services account – or anything else, Limitless Payment Solutions is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your business might be labeled as high-risk for several different reasons.

The most common reasons include:

Industry Type
Financial Instability
High Chargeback Rates
International Sales
Regulatory and Legal Concerns

Even though your business might be labeled high-risk, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a payment processor. Limitless Payment Solutions works tirelessly to connect businesses and credit card processors, even if you have bad credit or are considered high-risk.

Yes, 100%.

Having your business labeled high-risk does not prevent you from working with a bank or obtaining merchant services, but it does make the process more difficult.

Working with a high-risk merchant account specialist like Limitless Payment Solutions offers services tailored to your business’s needs.

Limitless Payment Solutions has worked with businesses of all types and industries for over ten years. We’ve earned our reputation for working hard for all our clients, ensuring we find the perfect fit for their credit card processing needs.

Yes, Limitless Payment Solutions works hard to assist all businesses in finding high-risk merchant accounts that keep their storefronts online.

When we say we work for you, we mean it. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you need high-risk merchant account support, Limitless Payment Solutions will be there to help.

We have a featured industry list, but that is not all we accept—there are too many to list. We can approve any legal business!

Domestic account approval typically takes 48 hours, given that we have all the paperwork.

A rolling reserve is something that all high-risk processors ask for. Typically 10%, and in rare cases, there will not be any. This reserve is taken from your batch amount daily to offset the risk associated with the merchant account. The rolling part means that in the seven months, you get back the money they took out in month one, and so on. Chargebacks do not get taken out of the reserve; they get taken out of your bank account. A reserve is in case of an emergency.

Pricing for high-risk merchant accounts varies depending on the business and the amount of
risk. Higher risk account rates will trend higher depending on risk. Don’t
be fooled by low pricing. Please call us, and we can explain how processors try to hide fees. Limitless will always work to get the best deal for you.


No, Limitless does not charge a set-up fee. If there ever is one, it will be disclosed. Typically, you see this with offshore accounts.

Typically, your funds are deposited within 48 hours. Offshore accounts usually are once a week.

To keep your customers, keep it simple.