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What are High Risk Merchant Account Services?

If you are a merchant labeled “high risk” by traditional credit processing companies, you deserve our respect and our expertise. As a High Risk merchant, it is very important to surround yourself with people who know the high risk merchant account industry, the processors, and have the experience needed to keep your business up and running.

At Limitless Payment Solutions, we want to see these “high risk” businesses succeed, not make it more difficult for them to do so. We offer high risk merchant account services designed to give you the benefits of a reliable and secure credit processing account.

At Limitless our top priority it is to our high risk merchants as this is what we specialize in.

We’re Here to Help – That’s It!

When your business is designated high risk, it can make shopping for credit processing a complicated endeavor. The traditional companies are quick to pass you up. Some high risk merchant services providers say anything or do anything to get your business – only looking out for themselves in the process.

That’s not Limitless. Our friendly customer service team is with you through the process from start to finish. We will explain everything you need to know to get the most from your high risk merchant account.

We work with businesses that are often considered high risk simply for their industry. We work with businesses that have poor credit scores. In fact, we work with any legal business in helping them establish a high risk merchant account that allows them to thrive, whether they are based in the US or based offshore.

No one wins if your account is closed. Here at Limitless, our job is to keep you up and processing for the life of your business. Our years of experience will make that happen.

High Risk Merchant Services Made EasierHigh Risk Merchant Services Made Easier

We believe every business should have the ability to accept credit card payments. That is why we offer the best high risk merchant services in the industry.

A “high risk” designation by traditional processors can limit your options. Limitless is here to give you those options back!
We work with over 20 different processors to ensure that you have reliable, trustworthy service – whether it be domestic or offshore.

Reasons Why Businesses Are Considered High Risk

1. Industry type – throughout this website you will see a list of industries that fall into the high risk category.
2. Chargebacks – some business models just naturally have a higher chargeback ratio then are normally accepted by traditional banks.

These are the 2 main reasons why your business may be considered high risk. For a more detailed explanation as to why your specific industry type falls under the high risk category, please call Limitless right now and we will analyze and clearly explain to you the reasons – and best of all we will offer you a solution!

The “high risk” guidelines vary from processor to processor. Limitless has the knowledge and experience that will make sure that you are a correct match for that processor.

Limitless Understands Your Situation

If you are placed in a “high risk” category, you are not alone. You will still be able to find the right high risk merchant services for your business. Limitless can find the right credit processing plan for any legal business.

Take advantage of our:

• Leading industry connections, with the ability to find the right high risk merchant services for your business.
• Expansive customer service network reaching into all parts of the world.
• Friendly, easy process.

One More Thing…

Are you looking for additional processing capabilities, beyond what your business has now? If your business is in need of a second high risk merchant services account – or many more, we can help you with that as well.

If you are placed in the high risk arena, it makes sense to find an option that is experienced, with an established network around the world. Contact Limitless today and let us help you find the right high risk merchant account for your business today.


High Risk Credit Card Processing and Merchant Solutions

At Limitless Payment Solutions, we understand finding a reliable high risk credit card processing solution can be challenging. We are here for your business, whether you have been considered “high risk” within the industry, or simply been declined in the past.

Your search for a high risk credit processing solution stops here.

What Is High Risk Credit Card Processing?

When it comes to accepting credit card payments, not all businesses are created equal. Companies in certain industries are automatically placed in a high risk category by processors. If your business involves selling high ticket items, or purchase trials, processors may put you in a high risk credit category as well.

What constitutes “high risk” is often up to the processor’s guidelines, or might include a high incidence of chargebacks, fraud, or bad credit. What some high risk credit card processing companies accept, others may not.

At Limitless, we take the time to educate you on what this designation means, and help you find the best possible credit processing solutions for your business.

We help reduce chargebacks and take additional steps to improve your designation.

We understand you have questions. We’re here to help, because accepting credit card payments is critical in today’s business environment.

Accepting credit cards through a virtual terminal

Who Needs High Risk Credit Card Processing?

First off, if your business needs high risk credit card processing, you are not alone. Several types of businesses are automatically designated in this high risk processor category, including:

We offer high risk credit card processing services for virtually any type of business.

It simply makes sense to go with a company that is ready to serve as your partner with expert knowledge and 20 years of experience in the industry.

In some cases it’s the product or service offered that makes a business a candidate for high risk. Sometimes it is the mere fact that the card is not present during the transaction. The reasons can vary according to the industry, and the high risk processor.

We offer a high level of transparency and make credit card processing understandable and more comfortable for business owners. Our dedicated team offers customized solutions to fit the needs of your business. You can count on Limitless for credit card processing solutions that keep your best interest in mind.

Going over a high risk merchant account contract

How to Choose the Right High Risk Credit Card Processing Company

Finding the right card processing company can sometimes be difficult. High risk credit card processing companies each have different qualifications and procedures for payment processing.

Businesses placed in the high risk category can expect more challenging terms. Other high risk credit card processing companies may say or do anything to get your business without fully understanding your needs. When payment processing becomes a challenge, it helps to have an experienced and reliable partner fighting in your corner.

At Limitless we have a dedicated network of experts both domestically and around the world, ready to help, no matter where you are.

You can be confident we’ve seen a situation similar to yours before.

Remember, we are only successful if we are able to make our clients successful. That is why we work hard to provide better credit processing solutions for all our customers.

Why Choose Limitless?

At Limitless, we do everything we can to keep your business running strong – no matter your business type, or how many chargebacks you incur.

We work with anyone.

Our customers routinely benefit from our existing relationships with industry-leading high risk credit processors, and our 24-hour expert customer service.

We truly care about each of our customers’ businesses. Before you fill out that next application, keep in mind that we can find a home for any legally run business, whether it’s domestic or off shore.

We have helped thousands of businesses just like yours find the correct credit card processing solution. Find out more about how we can help yours. Contact us today!

High Risk Industries

Industries with a history of high chargebacks or potential for fraud are often classified as “high risk” to payment processors. From web hosting to travel, nutraceuticals to collections, online firearm sales and everything in between – if your business has been classified as a high risk merchant account and wants to accept payments or process credit cards, let Limitless Payment Solutions help you get approved quickly. We have the expertise and relationships necessary to get your merchant account established seamlessly. We have a large network with established relationships so we can provide you the best high risk merchant services, rates, and products to begin accepting credit card transactions.

To keep your customers, keep it simple.

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