Why Choose Limitless Payment Solutions?

Here at Limitless Payment Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing holistic financial and business services for high risk and low risk industries alike. We are passionate about helping businesses large and small succeed. Our core values of trust and service along with our years of experience mean you get peace of mind knowing that Limitless Payment Solutions keeps your business’s best interest at the center of everything we do. Check out why you should choose Limitless Payment Solutions.

  • REAL Service from REAL People

    When you call Limitless Payment Solutions, you never have to press 1 for an operator or waste your precious time navigating a recorded menu. You call, we pick up – it’s as simple as that! We know that these decisions aren’t easy to make – and if your business has been classified as high risk, it is important to choose a provider that understands your business challenges and can establish your account seamlessly.

  • Real Time Expertise: Day or Night

    We know the issues that keep you up at night and we’re here to help so you focus on the core competencies of your business. Call us anytime and we’ll be on our way to having your payment processing problems solved in a New York Minute. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week answering all your questions about your high risk merchant accounts.

  • WE Shop Around So YOU Don’t Have To!

    We do the legwork so you don’t have to! Sit back and relax while Limitless Payment Solutions finds you the fastest approvals or lowest rates. We are the one stop shop for all of your business and financial solutions. With over ten years of experience and relationships with all the major processors, you know you are getting the most comprehensive solutions for your business at the best rates.


What types of business do you accept?We have a featured industry list but that is by no means all we accept. There are too many to list. Any legal businesses we can approve!

How long is the approval process? A domestic account approval typically takes 48 hours given we have all the paperwork.

What is a rolling reserve? A rolling reserve is something that all high risk processors ask for. Typically 10% and in rare cases there will not be any. This reserve is taken from your batch amount daily to offset the risk associated with the merchant account. The rolling part means that in the 7 month you get back the money they took out in month 1 and so on. Chargebacks do not get taken out of the reserve, those get taken out of your bank account. A reserve is in case of an emergency.

What is the typical pricing? Pricing for high risk merchant accounts vary depending on the business and the amount of risk. They can range from 3% up to 8%. Don’t be fooled by low pricing, please call us an we can explain how processors try to hide fees. Limitless will always work to get the best deal for you.

Can you work with all shopping carts? YES!

Is there a set up fee? No, Limitless does not charge a set up fee. If there ever is one it will be disclosed. Typically you see this with offshore accounts.

How long does it take to get my funds deposited?Typically your funds are deposited within 48 hours. Offshore accounts are typically once a week.

What makes Limitless Payment Solutions the Best High Risk Credit Card Processing Company?

Contact us and find out!