High Volume Merchant Account Solutions


Are You Looking for the Best High Volume Merchant Account Solutions?

Taking in too much money should never be a problem for merchants. How can a business do too well? Unfortunately, banks and processors sometimes view this as a problem. Standard processors will freeze merchant accounts that are receiving a volume that is too high. However, there is no reason to limit your sales because of this, Limitless can help you. Even if a processor does not have a monthly cap, they may not be the right fit for a high volume merchant. Limitless can make sure that you choose the best high risk credit card processor for your business.

Traditional merchant accounts often have monthly volume caps. The main reason for this is that merchants bringing in large volumes of money are a much higher risk for them. There is always a risk that merchants cannot cover their own chargebacks, and then it falls on the processor and sponsoring bank to cover the chargeback costs for them. Therefore, if a merchant brings in a large amount of cash, the chargeback risk is even greater. That is why high volume merchants should apply for high risk merchant accounts that specialize in high volume merchants.

Offshore high risk merchant account processors often have higher monthly volume caps or none at all, making them a great option for high volume merchants. Limitless recommends you apply for an offshore account or a high risk merchant account if you process at least $50,000 a month.

There are so many offshore and high risk merchant account providers that it can be difficult to find the right fit for your business. Limitless specializes in high risk credit card processing and high volume merchant services, let us match you with the ideal merchant account provider for your unique business.

If you are a high volume merchant and are looking for the best merchant account to meet your specific needs, Limitless can help you. We walk our customers through every step of the process and are 100% committed to getting your business approved and running quickly. Call us at (516) 384-6655 or use the easy apply now form on this page to get started!