Ticket Broker Merchant Account Solutions


Are You Looking for the Best Ticket Broker Merchant Account Solutions?

Are you a ticket broker finding it difficult to get approved for a merchant account?

Like any other business that runs mostly online or over the phone, ticket brokers rely on credit card transactions from customers. However, because ticket agencies have a future fulfillment business model, they are considered high risk by most banks and processors. Ticket agencies should not let this delay their businesses from accepting credit card transactions any longer, Limitless has the solution.

Traditional banks and processors label ticket brokers as high risk, making it more challenging to be approved for a merchant account. The reason they are classified as high risk is because there is a large window of time between the payment for the product and the delivery of the product. Most people buy tickets in advanced, sometimes several months in advanced. This large window extends the period for a customer to request a chargeback. The more time a customer has to request for a chargeback, the more likely they will request for a chargeback. This business model is referred to as “future fulfillment”, which is often denied by standard processors. The solution is for ticket agencies to apply for a high risk merchant account.

Limitless specializes in high risk merchant accounts, and can help match businesses with the best processor for their business model. We are known for our high customer service standards and walk our customers through every step of the application process. Our solution is well-established and we are experienced in getting high risk merchants up in running as quickly as possible!

If you are a ticket broker looking to get approved for a high risk merchant account, call us at (516) 384-6655 or use our easy apply now form on this page to get started!