Nutraceutical Merchant Account


Are You Looking for the Best the Best Nutraceutical Merchant Account?

Looking for credit card processing for your Nutraceutical sales business? You have come to the right place! But why do Nutraceutical businesses need a high-risk merchant account? There are several answers to that question, so let us explain.

For the most part, the Nutraceutical industry is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. This will make credit card processors uneasy about the ingredients and the marketing of your products. For example, diet products might have exaggerated claims, which in turn could lead to a high chargeback rate. You may offer a trial for a discounted price, what is known in the high-risk merchant account world as the “negative option”. This is where, by doing nothing, the customer continues to receive the product after the trial is over, but at the regular price. Unless the customer calls to cancel, the product will continue to be delivered on a recurring monthly basis. This type of marketing almost always has higher chargebacks.

What can also be troublesome to processors are ingredients found in the supplements. What is acceptable today might not be a month from now. This is yet another reason why processors will label you high-risk, as they cannot predict the future and know what regulations might come down from the government. Sometimes, bad press alone surrounding a certain product can cause processors to shy away from it.

Does Limitless offer High Risk Merchant accounts for Nutraceutical businesses? The answer is YES!

At Limitless, we not only completely understand the high-risk processing world, but we are also experts in the Nutraceutical industry as well. From Raspberry Ketones to Garcinia Cambogia or the latest testosterone boosters, at Limitless we know them all and have a high risk merchant solution waiting for you. Whether it is vitamins, minerals, herbs, or specialty supplements, you can bet that not only can we get you a high-risk merchant account, but we also have the knowledge of all the ingredients as well. This helps when your account is in underwriting. For example, if you have a great lawyer, but he or she does not understand your case, it is not going to help you in the long run. Here at Limitless, we pride ourselves in understanding the Nutraceutical industry and the vast number of products in it.

At Limitless, our goal is to get you approved fast, and more importantly, with the correct high risk merchant account. We want you up and running for years to come. Whatever type of Nutraceutical you are selling, Limitless will get you approved. And we also have offshore options available as well!

Partner with a company that understands Nutraceutical and the high-risk world! Call us right now at (516) 384-6655 or apply now via the brief form on this page. We are waiting to hear from you!