High Risk Account Specialist vs. Direct to Processor


There are two ways to obtain a high-risk merchant account. One way is for the merchant to go directly to a processor and the other way is for the merchant to use an experienced high-risk account specialist, who has access to many processors.

Merchants often apply to as many processors as possible, hoping that at least one will approve them. However, that can do more harm than it can help. Processors are able to see when a business has been applying to several processors, which hurts their chances of getting approved. It is not smart to go directly to a processor, because they will undoubtedly want you to fill out an application regardless of the potential outcome. That is why it is best to go to a specialist who can match the merchant with the appropriate processor to begin with.

It would benefit all merchants to find a reputable high-risk account specialist, with access to many processors. The advantage to dealing with a specialist in the industry is that they have experience with many processors and have come across many different scenarios and obstacles that often arise while applying for a high risk merchant account.

A high-risk account specialist can advise a merchant on which processor has a more favorable opinion of their specific industry, thus increasing the odds of approval. The specialist can also recommend the necessary website changes that need to be made in order to be PCI compliant and “underwriting ready”.

The high-risk merchant account industry can be tricky and many mistakes are often made by merchants going into it without a trusted advisor. There are no charges to having a high-risk merchant account specialist, instead, they can save the merchant time and money.

Extensive experience in the high-risk payment industry has shown that merchants are far better off finding an honest and reliable specialist to ensure mistakes are not made that can lead them to being declined or denied by a processor. Finding a company that specializes in high-risk merchant accounts is the best, and only, way to go.

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